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How Old Do You Have to be to Get a Piercing or Tattoo?

Person getting a piercing

Most shops have different slightly policies on how old you have to be to get a piercing or tattoo. At Solana Tattoo, our policy is as follows:

Earlobes: Any age can get their ears pierced. Minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. You need IDs or other evidence that shows your relationship (like a birth certificate).

Nipple/tongue/genitals: Due to the nature/location of these piercings, we only do these for adults -- 18 years and older, even with parental consent or parents/guardians present. You still need to be an adult with a valid ID.

Belly buttons: The comfort level of piercing a belly button for minors varies by piercer. Adam may be willing to pierce the belly button of people 15 and older, with parents/guardians present and valid IDs. Xae's age limit is 16 for naval piercings, with parent/guardians present.

Other piercings: Generally speaking, our piercers will consider piercings for teenagers (13 and older) with parental or guardian consent and proper IDs -- but this is going to be a case-by-case basis (depends on the type/location of the piercing). Please reach out to the shop or email if you are interested in another piercing and you are a minor.

Tattoos: Most artists will be willing to do most tattoos for people 16 and older, with parents/guardians present. The location and nature of the tattoo may affect their comfort with this, however. All artists and piercers are contractors and retain the right to refuse to tattoo or pierce anyone for any reason.

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