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Where do Tattoos Fade the Most?

Tattoos on certain spots of the body fade more than other places. When deciding where to put your tattoo, it's important to consider how well it will last over time and whether you want to get it regularly touched up.

Some locations on the body and some styles of tattoos may not hold ink well. At many shops, these locations and styles of tattoos are not guaranteed and touch-ups are not included in the price of your tattoo.

The locations that are commonly known to fade, blow out, or not heal correctly include:

  • hands

  • fingers

  • feet

  • palms

  • elbows

  • armpits

  • inside upper arms

  • inside the lip/mouth

  • tongue

  • side of wrist

  • behind ear

  • heel of foot

  • knee

  • collar bone

  • neck

The skin in these areas either stretches or is under a lot of usage or sheds more than other areas of the body.

What Types of Tattoos Fade the Quickest?

Certain types of tattoos also tend to fade more over time.

Tattoo styles that are commonly known to fade include:

  • water-color

  • minimalist (fine line tattoos)

  • dot work

  • micro tattoos

All kinds of tattoos in all places may experience normal fading due to the sun and passing of time. Fading may also occur due to improper aftercare treatment and/or any kind of self-inflicted damages.


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