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Read This Before You Book Your Tattoo Appointment

How do I know how much time to book for my tattoo?

It can be tricky to know how much time to book. If it's a small (1x1" or so) or very simple design in a not challenging location (like arms or legs), you are likely good with a minimum (30-minute) window -- even if your artist needs to draw something up.

For a 3x3"-ish tattoo without too much detail, an hour should suffice. As the size or difficulty or details increase, book more time. It's always better to book a little more time than not.

If you're totally unsure or it's a bigger piece, like a half-sleeve, sleeve, back piece, or thigh piece, you can start with a free consultation and get a proper quote on how much time to book.

You can also always reach out to us via Instagram,, or pop in to the shop any time and we'd be happy to help determine how much time to book.

How do I pick a tattoo artist?

Visit Solana Tattoo's Instagram page. You can see examples of each artist's work in the highlights. You can also see links to each artist's individual page in our pinned post. Or scroll our recent posts and see the style that stands out to you.

That being said, all of our artists are great and can do a variety of styles. You can also pick an artist based on your availability/schedule. Select "any artist available" and pick your preferred time. It will automatically pair you with an artist. If you need more help, feel free to message us on Instagram, call the shop, or message us at and we would be happy to help you find the right artist for your needs. We have a wide variety of talent in our shop, so we have a great artist for every tattoo style.

What to do when you book?

Since it can be hard to know exactly how much time to book, please include in the notes:

  • A description of the tattoo that you want, especially if it will require some pre-drawing by the artist

  • The size of the tattoo (estimated height by width in inches)

  • The location of the tattoo

  • The style of the tattoo or details: color, shaded, stipple, fine-line, traditional, realistic, line work only, text, etc.

  • Other relevant information about you or the tattoo. It’s always good to include what you are getting so the artist can confirm they have enough time and prepare in advance.

Got more questions about getting a tattoo?

Feel free to reach out to or check out our other blogs for more info.


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