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What's the Best Time to Get a Tattoo?

Short sleeves, shorts, swimming suits. You see your skin and remember, "Oh yeah! I wanted that tattoo!" Or you want to look good for your summer vaca. It's fun to show off a new tattoo -- not cover it up.

It makes sense why tattoo shops are typically busiest in the warmer months.

The busy season often begins around April (when people get their tax returns) and continues to pick up throughout the summer. Then comes the winter and holiday season, and the appointments tend to slow down.

But you can be smarter than the crowds. Winter is the best time of year to get a new tattoo.

There are many reasons winter is best -- starting with the obvious: Shops aren't as busy, so you have a better chance of getting in. But more importantly, it's easier to heal your tattoo properly in the winter. People spend less time outside and in the sunshine when it's cold out. And there's less of a risk of you being invited to go to the lake (do not go swimming with a fresh tattoo, good lort).

In addition, people sweat less in the winter. Less exposure to the elements and less sweat helps the tattoo heal quickly and easily.

Best Time of Day to Get a Tattoo

As for time of day, the best time of day to get a tattoo is shortly after eating. You don't want to get a big tattoo on an empty stomach. No passy outty, please. Plus, a recent meal can raise your blood sugar, which can help your body make adrenaline to reduce the pain. Eat a burger; look tough.

Some people swear it hurts less in the morning. Others say they like to get tattooed at night so they can go straight to bed.

Also, it's smart to book a tattoo for a few days before your next big workout, a party, or a super active event. It's not a big deal to work out and sweat with a fresh tattoo, as long as you clean it and care for it properly. (Try not to rub it all over filthy gym equipment, for example.) But it may heal quicker if you plan in a little extra rest; don't overly move it around (especially if you cover it with derm); and don't sweat excessively.

Bottom line: The best time of day to get a tattoo is personal and will depend on your schedule.


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