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Health Benefits of Piercing

By Adam Lopez Piercing your body is more than just a form of self-expression and beauty. Over my years as a piercer, I have learned about many health benefits and beliefs associated with piercing.

Here are some of the believed health benefits of piercing -- a combination of scientific research, Ayurvedic therapy, acupressure, acupuncture, and cultural insights.

A woman with a nose piercing
A woman with a nose piercing

Nose Piercing

According to Ayurvedic therapy, nose piercing is considered to be an important ritual in Indian culture. The significance of wearing nose studs varies from one region to another and is widely done by both men and women in countries across the world. Benefits include:

  • Reducing the pain experienced by women during monthly periods

  • Playing a role in easing childbirth

  • Alleviating back pain.

These theories may sound hard to believe, but they are proven and tested by scientific

research (see Sources at the end of this article).

Lip Piercing

Lip or labret piercings have been a practice since the ancient times. People believed that piercing made their ancestors' spirits happy. Also, it was a status symbol and a ritual. In addition, lip piercing is a sign of femininity and beauty for others. One physical benefit: It plays a role in stimulating sensual feeling (e.g oral sex).

Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercings have gained immense popularity in the past few years among men and women. They can plays a role in maintaining youthful appearance, such as the signs of aging, especially blemishing skin. They also can increase sexual stimulation.

Ear Piercing

Among other types of body piercing, ear piercing is widely accepted at workplaces. Therefore, people want to pierce their earlobes and to wear different types of jewelry. Nowadays, the market is loaded with a wide variety of ear piercing jewelry made from different kinds of metals, with various designs and styles to choose from.

Some potential benefits of ear piercings include:

  • Brain development. According to acupressure therapy, the nerves connecting to the brain pass through the earlobes. The ear lobes have the meridian point that connects the right hemisphere to the left hemisphere of the brain. Piercing of this point helps activate these parts of the brain. It is suggested for a child to get pierced in the ears early. According to Ayurveda theories, ear piercing should be done on the 10th, 12th or 16th day or in the 6th, 7th or 8th month. Otherwise, Ayurveda believes you should get it done in any odd years from the year of childbirth.

  • Eyesight and hearing accuracy. The center point of the ear is where the center for vision lies. Thus, applying pressure to these points helps improve the eyesight. According to other studies, if the piercing of an earlobe is done at the early age, the impairments related to throat, eyes, tongue, and ears can be minimized to a greater extent.

  • Alleviating back pain. Some research has found ear piercings can affect nerves in the back, reducing pain.

  • Improves reproductive health. According to Ayurveda, the lobe of the ear has an important point right in the center. This point is one of the most important areas for reproductive health. Moreover, piercing of ear also helps maintain a healthy menstrual cycle in females. In men, ear piercing is believed to help in sperm production and that is why ear piercing for boys is a compulsory tradition in various communities that want to help maintain productivity in sperm count.

  • Improves digestion. Stimulation as a result or piercing is said to maintain one's digestive system.

  • Boosts energy. It is said that when people wear earrings, the flow of energy is nurtured in their bodies.

Popular Ear Piercings and Their Believed Health Benefits:

Conch: Muscle relaxation and help with chronic pain.

Lobe: Third hole placement - depression. First hole placement - eyesight.

Stretched lobes: Symbol of expanded vision on a spiritual level.

Rook: Releases stress.

Tragus: Appetite control.

Cartilage Rim/Helix: 10 o'clock position – Insomnia. 12 o'clock position - Allergy relief.


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