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The Day of Your Tattoo: What to Know About Getting a Tattoo and How to Prepare

When you show up for your tattoo appointment, here are some things you should bring and may want to consider:

- Your I.D. You will need to fill out paperwork and show proof that you are 18 years or older. Solana Tattoo Company does not tattoo minors, even with parental approval. - If necessary and convenient for you, shave the area where you are getting tattooed. This will save us both time (and save you the fun experience of getting shaved by another adult). - Bring some music that you want to listen to or something to watch on your phone. Usually we can throw your selection into the shop’s line-up. However, in case we can't, bring something to entertain you. We will do all we can to make you comfortable, and you should, too. - Make sure to eat before you come, or come a little early and grab a sandwich from the nearby sandwich shop. There are a ton of great restaurants in Campus West. Getting tattooed can be exhausting, and you will need your energy. - A tip: Tipping; it’s not just for cows. Take care of your artist and they will take care of you. - Bring a calm mind and good spirits. Don’t worry, this won’t hurt your artist a bit. … Seriously though, the calmer and more relaxed you are, the easier the process will be for everyone. Your artist will make it as painless and fun as possible, but a good attitude always helps.


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